Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q. Is the source code of the app available?
A. No, sorry. The app is a commercial closed-source product.

Q. Does the app work with HC-05/06 Bluetooth module?
A. Yes, it works. Make sure both Arduino sketch and Bluetooth module use same baud rate. It is usually 9600 for HC-05/06.

Q. I get Bluetooth connect error: " [JSR82] connect: Connection is not created (failed or aborted)".
A. There are some phones that don't support manual port (channel) selection when connecting to RFCOMM. Please open menu -> RFCOMM settings and select "auto" and "default" and press OK. The error may also appear when the Bluetooth module has a weak power supply. It is recommended to use a separate 3.3V regulator instead of the Arduino 3.3V pin.

Q. Can I connect to a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) module?
A. Yes, the app. can also connect to BLE modules like CC2540/41, and also to boards like BBC Micro:bit

Q. Can I connect to the NRF24L01 module?
A. No, even if the NRF24L01 is a 2.4GHz radio module, it is not WiFi. We recommend using ESP8266 instead.

Q. Is RoboRemo available for iOS?
A. No, unfortunately. RoboRemo is currently available only for Android.

Q. User Interface controls get triggered even if I touch the empty space. Is this a bug?
A. This is a feature. It helps when you have many small controls that can be easily missed. The touch event goes to the nearest control. This feature can be disabled for a specific control, by surrounding it with "touch stoppers", or it can be disabled for an entire interface, from menu -> interface -> Touch processing -> exact.