Story: How RoboRemo app was born

It started from a Line Follower Robot competition where participants were allowed to test and tune their robots one day before the competition. And tuning the robot means you put it on the track, watch how it follows the line and think what to tweak in the Arduino code, then you connect the USB cable, re-upload the code and repeat again.

I thought why not store the tweakable parameters in EEPROM and change them via UART using a terminal on PC? So it will be faster, no need to re-upload the entire code.
Then why not replace the UART cable with Bluetooth module?
Then why not replace the terminal on PC with terminal on Smartphone?
Then why not replace the text input with some sliders? :)
And this is how RoboRemo was born.

Then I added other interface items like LED, plot, image and so on.