008 - Plot

Welcome back to the RoboRemo tutorial.
In this tutorial I explain how to use the plot to display the signal from a sensor. For the demo I use a Sharp IR distance sensor connected to an Arduino UNO. The arduino is connected to the phone via USB OTG cable.

// RoboRemo Tutorial 8 - Plot analog signal
// (Sharp sensor (IR distance) used as signal source)
// www.roboremo.com
// Copyright 2020 roboremo.com
// The above copyright notice and disclaimer shall be included
// in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

// Hardware setup:

// Sharp sensor   Arduino
// red(+) ------- 5V
// black(-) ----- GND
// white(out) --- A0

// Arduino ---< OTG cable >--- Android phone/tablet

void setup() {

void loop() { 
  Serial.print((String)"sharp " + analogRead(A0) + "\n");